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Sustainability & certifications

Added value through certification

A building certification is an official process in which an independent auditor checks and evaluates the sustainability and environmental aspects of a building based on predefined criteria. Factors such as energy efficiency, resource consumption, indoor climate, and social compatibility are considered. It confirms that the building meets certain sustainability standards, promotes environmentally friendly construction, and builds trust among users.

Planning support and consultation

As a klimaaktiv partner and member of the ÖGNI, we are well acquainted with the most widespread certification systems in Austria. We accompany you from the preliminary design to the execution through the entire certification process. With our expertise, we help you define and achieve clear sustainability goals. As your reliable partner, we take over the coordination of (specialist) planners and handle the submission of all relevant documents.

Comprehensive evidence documentation

We offer comprehensive building physics and building ecology evidence documentation for all leading certification systems, such as klimaaktiv, ÖGNI/DGNB, or LEED. Our expertise ranges from building physics and acoustics to building ecology and life cycle analysis, all the way to building simulation and measurement technology.


The EU taxonomy sets clear environmental requirements for buildings in terms of energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, and resource consumption. Builders planning new buildings or carrying out significant renovations are affected. Compliance with these requirements is becoming increasingly important as the EU promotes sustainable investments and drives the transition to a climate-neutral economy. We check them now to ensure your buildings remain future-proof.

Our services in detail

Audit and planning support:

  • Klimaaktiv

Evidence documentation:

  • Building physics proofs
  • Room acoustics proofs
  • Building ecology and resource conservation
  • Simulation: Dynamic calculation of heating and cooling loads, energy consumption, thermal comfort natural air exchange, flow simulation, daylight
  • Measurements: Building acoustic measurements, room acoustic measurements, thermography, pollutant measurements, BlowerDoor test
  • Life cycle analyses
  • EU Taxonomy conformity
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