As the son of a carpenter, the engineer, Ortwin Vatter, who immigrated with his family from the German Sudetenland, spent his youth in Vorarlberg and began his civil engineering studies at the Graz University of Technology in 1957. In 1963, he graduated with honors and began working as a structural engineer for the steel construction company, Binder & Co in Gleisdorf. There, he sufficiently gained know-how and practical experience to establish his civil engineering firm in Gleisdorf in 1970.

His one-man business quickly grew into an operation with 15 employees. The services that we offered and continue to offer since that time are statics & design, as well as industrial building construction as a general planner.

In 2000, the company’s founder, Ortwin Vatter, succumbed to a stroke and his son Michael took over managing the company. Dr. Michael Vatter (engineer) also studied civil engineering at the Graz University of Technology and worked for five years as an assistant at the Institute for Structural Analysis at the Graz University of Technology after gaining one year of practical experience in building physics. He then joined the company in 1997 as an employee.

Michael’s fellow student Dr. Wolfgang Leitner (engineer) worked in the office from 1997 as an employee, great friend, and business partner up until his unexpected death in 2014.

Herbert Lesitschnig (engineer) joined the company in 1999. He now manages the structural design department and has been a partner in the company since 2014.

Since 1997, our range of services was steadily expanded to include, e.g. building physics, acoustics, and the associated measurement technology. Now, more than 30 employees work at the VATTER civil engineering office, where every day they confront new tasks and challenges in the construction industry with enthusiasm and motivation.

Due to the negative impact of the Coronavirus in 2020, we were not able to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our company – nonetheless, we are very proud of this.

For 50 years we’ve built our reputation on quality, trust, and reliability!

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